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We were just your average everyday family with a new baby trying to make ends meet in life. Until one day we were presented with a very un-average business proposal. "Do you think there is a market for a product that would give you a GUARENTEED 7-14% increase in your gas mileage?" I said absolutley, "and what if this product on top of that decreases the harmfull emissions that your car puts out?" I think that would be great, and it was. We decided to take our average family on the un-average route and change our lives forever. What about you?

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Global warming

" I'm not too worried, nothing will happen in my life time." WOW I heard this statement the other day, and it really upset me because Yeah nothing may be effected in my life time but I have a 7 month old baby. That's why I wanted to start our business. It will effect my little boy, and I have to try to make things better for him. Think about what it would do for this world if we could reduce the emissions from Every vehicle by 75% or more. Taiwan gets it, why can the USA not get it. This is real and a lot of other countries are loving our product because they understand.

We have a product tha when used correctly WILL reduce you emissions by about 75%. It works 100% of the time and on top of that It will increase you mileage. What have you done lately that has the opportunity to effect this world as much as this does?

Check out this clip. www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-_LBXWMCAM

1 comment:

The Grumpy Skeptic said...

Ummm...what product are you guys talking about? While it's cool video, this grumpy skeptic lol brought to you by www.thegumpyskeptic.blogspot.com
is just looking fo some answers what "product" reduces emitions and increases mileage? also theres bigger fish to fry, than cars, like say, cargo boats, that are unregulated, cars are actually pretty good, especially here in Cali. Stupid laws, well see ya, cool blog

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